As we recently discussed on the blog, it’s extremely important to be prepared for big changes in seasonal weather. This time of year, homeowners find themselves getting their homes ready for the cold months ahead that come along with fall and winter. Whether it’s through weatherization projects or heating system maintenance, these steps are crucial to keep your home comfortable when the cold hits. Beyond comfort, regular maintenance of your home comfort and mechanical systems can provide many other benefits; benefits that can be felt by you and your wallet.

We understand that knowing the exact steps in this maintenance process may be tough to remember or execute yourself. That’s part of the reason why BelRed offers a comprehensive maintenance and care program for your home’s mechanical and home comfort systems. Comfort Guard Maintenance Plans from BelRed offer an incredible amount of protection and maintenance for some of your largest home investments, such as furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, water heaters and more. We pride ourselves on removing all stress and worry from the maintenance and care process with the Comfort Guard plans.

By enrolling in an annual Comfort Guard plan, our customers sign up for many benefits. Members receive:

1.     Annual Precision Tune-Up and inspection of all systems covered under the plan, which includes up to two visits to a home with both a heating and cooling system

2.     Priority service response

3.     10% discount on repair labor

4.     A limited lifetime warranty on all repairs made while covered under the plan.

This fully transferrable annual agreement also gives homeowners a $50 credit towards new systems (up to $250 total).

Aside from the upfront savings for maintenance, upgrades and service calls, enrolling in the Comfort Guard program can have a long-term impact on your wallet. A well maintained heating or cooling system or water heater will last much longer than one that is just ignored, meaning members will get a much longer average life out of their mechanical systems. Improved efficiency from service and maintenance will keep your monthly energy bills low. Furthermore, the Comfort Guard maintenance plans include careful inspection of all equipment to ensure the highest safety standards. We’re incredibly committed to keeping you and your loved ones safe with any work we do.

We offer a number of different tiers of the Comfort Guard Maintenance Plans, making it easy to select a plan that’s right for you. Our Basic plan includes inspection, maintenance and/or tune-up and of core heating and cooling systems, which includes furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps. Our next tier, the standard plan, includes all heating and cooling systems as well as full inspection and maintenance of your home’s plumbing and hot water heater. For the most comprehensive coverage and maintenance, we offer a Select plan to encompass homes with many different mechanical systems. Our Select plan includes all coverage included within the Basic and Standard plans, plus inspection, maintenance and tune-ups for other systems such as gas fireplaces and stand-by generators.

If you think your heating and other mechanical systems could use a tune-up or inspection, especially during these crucial months leading up to winter, now might be the perfect time to give us a call or send an email to discuss which Comfort Guard Maintenance Plan might be right for you.

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