In our most recent post, we discussed some benefits of gas fireplace inserts. These advantages can bring heat, comfort and efficiency to your home during the cold winter months. Good news—there are even more benefits to installing these units in your home for a heat source! Read a few more benefits below:


Gas fireplace inserts are safe. Direct vent gas fireplaces are extremely safe when installed by professionals. Wood-burning fireplaces have been linked to carbon monoxide problems due to open burning inside the home. Vented gas inserts pull fresh air directly form outside, then flow gases and smoke directly back outside.


Placement and design of gas fireplaces are flexible. While many models, specifically those that retrofit to an existing fireplace, are designed to utilize the current chimney, other direct-vent models can be placed in other areas. This gives design flexibility when thinking about the installation of a gas fireplace. Some models vent directly out to a sidewall in the home, eliminating the need for a chimney. Gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts also come in a variety of designs and sizes, making each unique to the home and homeowner’s preference.


Maintenance is a breeze. If you own a wood-burning fireplace, you know maintaining it properly can be a fairly large burden. Regular cleaning of the chimney is crucial to avoid potential chimney fires and to maximize performance. Ashes and soot need to be removed from inside the fireplace on a very regular basis to maintain safety and to make sure logs can breathe properly to stay lit. With a gas fireplace insert, maintenance is much easier and requires much less work and attention. Regular inspection is still important, but beyond that maintenance is simple.


No need for huge gas tanks. Because gas fireplaces and inserts typically run on natural gas, there’s no need to invest in a large gas tank to sit outside your home. In most cases, the natural gas needed to use the fireplace can be received directly from your home’s regular gas line provided by your energy company. Your energy company meters usage as well. More good news? Burning natural gas in a fireplace insert is very efficient, so you’ll likely see savings on your energy bill compared to other heating sources.


As a reminder, BelRed offers installation of many different types and models of gas fireplace inserts. If you’re looking to benefits from one of the advantages listed above (or in the next post), contact us today!

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