In the previous post on the blog, we discussed some of the potential harms that can come from ignoring regular maintenance on your home’s gas furnace. Ignoring these crucial steps can not only hurt the performance of your furnace, but can also lead to home safety issues for you and your family.


Fortunately, BelRed offers comprehensive furnace tune-ups, allowing you to rest assured your furnace will be in the top shape it can possibly be. What are the benefits of these maintenance checks and tunes? We’re glad you asked. Here’s what you get with one of our furnace maintenance visits:


  1.       Inspection of the heat exchanger for dangerous cracks. These can allow harmful Carbon Monoxide emissions to escape into the airstream and build up in your home.
  2.       Removal and cleaning of the burner assembly. Buildup here reduces the efficiency of your furnace making it much more expensive to heat your home.
  3.       Oiling the blower motor bearings. Some newer units have sealed bearings and don’t require this step.
  4.       Inspection of the blower wheel for buildup of dirt and dust. A timely diagnosis of this condition can save very expensive repairs of the blower motor as well as improving efficiency and comfort in your home. Although the removal, disassembly, and cleaning of the blower assembly is an additional investment it is money well spent considering the alternative.
  5.       Cleaning or changing of the air filter. This step is typically performed by the homeowner, but it is nice to know you get to skip it this once.
  6.       Vacuuming and cleaning of the internal and external surfaces of the furnace.
  7.       Inspection of the internal electronic components to ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment.
  8.       Inspection of the indoor coil for air conditioning or heat pump systems. Restrictions in the coil can cause severe performance issues making the system very expensive to operate.
  9.       Cleaning of the outdoor coil.
  10.       Test air temperatures and carbon monoxide levels. Many systems run for years at levels that don’t maximize their efficiency and comfort capabilities.
  11.       Test refrigerant pressures. Over time air conditioners and heat pumps can develop leaks that go undetected. Without adequate refrigerant, the system can run continuously without significant heating or cooling being done. Also, the refrigerant carries oil that is essential for lubricating the compressor, the heart of the unit. A failure of the compressor can be costly and easily avoided.
  12.       Drain treatment can be added to keep the drain water from your furnace or AC flowing freely. Clogged drains can cause overflows and costly water damage. Drain treatments are usually as needed and a small charge for the service may apply.


If you don’t want to miss out on the most comprehensive furnace maintenance check on the market today, give us a call.