As a homeowner, it’s easy to forget about your central air system as long as it’s pumping out cold air like it’s supposed to. But it may be time to start paying more attention if you want to avoid hundreds – possibly even thousands – of dollars in damage to your home.

In addition to cooling your home throughout these hot summer months, your air conditioner is busy removing moisture from the air and sending it through a drain line to lower your home’s humidity levels. Over time, this condensation creates the perfect breeding ground for algae. Soon, a clog forms, giving the condensation nowhere to go so it backs up into the walls, floors and ceiling of your home. If not taken care of, algae growth can create serious problems for your home, from unsafe air to severe water damage.

What’s the solution?

Thankfully, with the use of algae tablets, these problems can be avoided! Algae tablets are a convenient, no-mess way to clear out drain lines and keep them clean for up to six weeks. Most brands have a non-corrosive, non-toxic formula that gets rid of algae in air conditioners and even refrigerators and humidifiers. Our BelRed technicians recommend algae tablets because they’re a safe, economical way to promote maximum cooling efficiency and prevent damage to your home!

If you’re already experiencing issues with your drain line, a routine inspection by a certified BelRed technician can eliminate the possibility of disastrous damage from your home’s central air system. After a thorough drain line cleaning and maintenance check, algae tablets can be placed in the pan to inhibit algae growth so you don’t experience further damage!

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